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Bringing Colors Together

Are you searching for the perfect way to elevate your family vacation? Do you need to make the last morning of your girl’s trip truly special? When you choose Chef Tony Tone, every meal will be crafted to celebrate life’s special moments. As a personal chef, Tony goes above and beyond to be a trusted name in custom cuisine in Orlando, FL.

Enviable Culinary Experience

Chef Tony was inspired by many culinary masters, including Roz Traore, G. Garvin, Emeril Legasse, and Ghetto Gastro. 

This inspiration was only the beginning of his culinary journey. Over the years, Chef Tony has worked as a Disney Chef at Le Cellier and at the Hollywood Brown Derby, and has worked hard to perfect his own unique take on soul food. 

Bringing a unique and keen eye to every dish, Chef Tony crafts specialty menus that can't be found anywhere else in the area.  

Get in touch with Chef Tony today to learn more about his custom cuisine. 

Blending Flavors From Coast to Coast

When you work with Chef Tony Tone, you can have the best of both worlds. By utilizing high-quality ingredients, Chef Tony is an expert in brunch and soul food with an East and West Coast flair. As a personal chef, he strives to offer the tastiest dishes in town for every meal.

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Crafting Tasty & Unique Menus

Chef Tony knows that his job as a personal chef is to keep you happy. Before your meal, he will work with you to determine your taste and create a menu that’s unlike any you’ve ever seen or tasted. As a trusted in-home chef for vacationers and locals alike, Chef Tony puts his heart and soul into every dish.

Work With Chef Tony Today!

With Chef Tony Tone, your next meal will be one that you won’t soon forget. Whether it’s for a vacation brunch or dinner for a special anniversary or birthday, your new favorite personal chef has you covered. Give him a call today to inquire about booking him as your vacation chef.

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